Securitization is a finance term. It means to pack-and-slice something. Think a loaf of bread. You only need the slices. Voila: sliced bread to your service.

Sliced bread actually was kind of a big invention. It’s a perfect example of what many innovations and successful business models actually are: rearranging existing things.

Uber, Amazon, maybe even Facebook?

I’m not gonna spend much time riding the Four Horsemen theory. Suffice to say that success is in reality both insight and a certain kind of lazy mind: recycle what already exists. Put it into a structure and form that better serves the user’s intentions.

There’s novelty (giant telco that invents mobile phones all the way from atoms up to a finished product), and there’s ingenuity (upcoming rival that crunches in 10 years what took 100 years for the predecessor) often involved in great rival stories. What seems to be a household wisdom, at least circa 2020–2021, is that “digital” has but one major flaw: winner takes it all. One Amazon to rule all sales, one Facebook to rule all social media, one Uber to make all the world’s cabs move.

Perhaps. But I don’t think so. You see, business is ever-evolving, and we’re going to see very much interesting things. I can’t even predict what comes next, although I do have a sort of hobby of making sightseeing trips to a crystall ball every now and then.


What surprises me is:

a) this damn Medium dot com editor is very nice! hey, remember, I’m a WordPress lover.

b) pretty mundane list of 10 things I came up in 2001 still has many items unchecked — ie. there is a lot to do!

c) whenever you look at a marvel of some business, take a brief pause. Think about the components that make up the empire. Think about the components in isolation and as a whole. Where’s the magic? Can you see the idea behind the success?

The list? Google ‘Present history of man Jukkasoft’ and I bet you will come up with it. Happy inventing!




Blogger, human bean, geek. Owner of and secret Wordpress lover.

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Jukka Paulin

Jukka Paulin

Blogger, human bean, geek. Owner of and secret Wordpress lover.

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